Extreme Enduro INFO 

Waterloo, IA

The historic Hippodrome


6 - 9pm 

$35 per rider

$5 Spectator 

RACE 2/3/24

Day of Event

$15 General Admission / 4yrs and under free

 No Pre-Sale for 2024 event

$15 Pit Pass
$40 Amateur / $45 Pro Race Entry
Doors Open / Sign Up @ 12pm
Practice @ 3pm
​​Heat Races @ 6pm

Barns outside of the stadium are available for pit use and allow use of heaters. 

smokeless 2-stroke oil required ! ! ! ! 

excessively smoking bikes will not be allowed


No quad or mini (65cc and under) classes are offered due to track difficulty

​EXPERT (cash 125cc and up)  $500 to win + 200% to class


450 Intermediate 

250 Intermediate (125 - 250cc)

450 Novice 

250 Novice (125 - 250cc)

Women (125cc-450cc) 

14-24yrs Expert

14-24yrs Amatuer 

+25 Expert

+25 Amatuer

+30 Expert

+30 Novice

+40 Expert(New added by popular demand! ) 

+40 Novice (New added by popular demand! ) 

+50 Expert 



Supermini (11-16yrs 19/16in wheel max) 


Full size bike racers must be 14 or older to compete

Depending on amount of race entries per class, Heat races and LCQ's will

determine the riders advancing to main event. B-main events will be available

to all non-qualifying riders who would like track time.