Riverview Harescramble

October 20, 2019

Waterloo, IA

The first annual Riverview HS at the Riverview Recreation area in Waterloo, IA. This event is a must ride with numerous types of terrain, rocks, sand, mud, single track, motocross, extreme enduro sections and more! 

Event Info

Gates open : 8am
$10 Pit pass / 7 and under free

Race entry:

Sign-up is day of event only
$40(includes Livelaps transponder)

$35 (if you have multi-use livelaps transponder & minis)

AMA and IERA Membership required to race

State Registration sticker not required for race bikes but is recommended to show support of state OHV parks  

1 year full AMA membership $49
Youth AMA membership for riders 11 and younger $29
AMA one day pass available for $20
IERA $25 for the year
IERA one day pass (non points) available for $10

​Classes and Schedule

Detailed information on rules and classes at www.IERA22.com

Times are tentative and subject to change.

Mini bikes (65 &  85 cc) – 9:00 AM Start Time  – Race for 45 Minutes
-Mini 7 to 11 Riders 7-11 years old — bikes 65cc 2-stroke or 110cc 4-stroke.

-Mini 9 to 14
-Women’s Beginner -This class is a beginners class for women (ages 7+). Up to 110cc 2-stroke or 150cc 4-stroke. 


Mini Bikes (50 cc) – 10:00 AM Start Time  – Race for 30 Minutes
-Mini 4 to 9 Riders 4-9 years old — bikes 0-50cc.
-Girls Riders 4-9 years old — bikes up to 50cc 2-stroke or 70cc 4-stroke.

Big Bike AM race – 11:00 AM Start Time  – Race for 1 1/2 hours
-C - This is a beginners class. If you haven’t raced before or have done very little racing this is a good class. Bikes of all displacements.
-Vet C - This is a beginners class for riders 30 years of age and older. 
-Women’s - This class is for women of any skill level. Bikes of all displacements.
-Masters - This class is for riders 60 years of age and older

Big Bike PM race – 1:30 PM  Start Time  – Race for 2 hours

Vet A +30

Senior A +40
Super Senior A +50

Vet B +30
Senior B +40
Super Senior B +50